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“If climate change is the shark, then water is its teeth…” Paul Dickinson CEO of CDP’s Water Disclosure Project


Local issues

It is widely reported that our local chalk streams in the Chilterns are suffering from low flows. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. We’re building more houses and increasing our daily water use.
  2. We’re seeing changes in our seasonal weather patterns. Less rainfall in the Winter results in limited water supplies to re-charge the aquifer and maintain the river flow during the summer.

Local initiatives

Groups such as the River Chess Association, Chesham Environmental Group and the Chiltern Chalk Streams project are working continuously to improve the river flow and the biodiversity of the banks and riverbeds of The Chess, The Misbourne and The Gade.
However, on average we in the Chilterns use a staggering 180 litres of water per person per day. This is the highest of any area in the country.

What can I do?

Take steps to measure and reduce your water consumption:

  1. Get top tips for saving water at home from a local expert (link to Blog)
  2. Try this handy water saving tool from Thames Water
  3. Get a smart meter fitted and cut your water bills
  4. Take part in Affinity Water’s Drought Consultation