The Zone-9 Cycling Group put proposals to a recent meeting of the Community, Assets, Recreation and Environment Committee of Chesham Town Council for the development of cycling and walking routes within Chesham and out towards the neighbouring villages. These proposals include encouraging more children to cycle and walk to school and developing a Cycling Hub with repair facilities, cycle shop, café and a facility for hiring e-bikes and adult bikes.

There is a national move to promote local cycling and walking, and Zone-9 believes that Chesham should be part of that. The Group would like opportunities to be provided for local residents to leave their car at home and by doing so, make a positive contribution towards improving the town’s carbon footprint, to climate change and to the wellbeing of local people.


Zone-9 is therefore delighted that the Committee agreed to instigate discussions with the Group, after the local elections. The Group’s proposals will then be considered in detail with a view to having some or all of them included in the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Buckinghamshire being developed by Buckinghamshire Council.

23rd May 2021