What’s the problem?home_eco_sep1

A WHO report estimated that in 2016 air pollution contributed to more than half a million deaths from respiratory tract infections in children under five years of age.

Local issues

Poor air quality and exposure to high levels of air pollution can cause cancer, lung disease and breathing difficulties such as asthma. Vehicle traffic is a key factor and levels are inevitably worse during morning and evening rush hours. In Chesham, hot spots are around the main roads and the roundabouts in the town centre.

Reducing the number of cars on the roads is good for our planet, our health and our finances. There are health benefits from switching to walking, cycling or taking public transport, but sometimes that is just not possible. Cars help us get to places which are not served by buses and trains; it can be quicker to drive, or sometimes cold or wet weather causes people to prefer the comfort of the car.

What can I do?

If you are able – walk more and drive less.
Ideas we have for reducing local car journeys
  • Local electric shuttle bus
  • Encouraging Cycling by creating cycle lanes around Chesham town centre. See more on our Zone 9 Cycling Group Project post
  • Encouraging Walking to School/working with schools to improve their current schemes
  • Car-pooling or lift sharing