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Chesham Community Assembly

Talking about the Climate Emergency

Formed by one of our core members, Vicki, to support Chesham Town Council’s Action Plan to tackle the Climate and Ecological Emergency locally, Chesham’s Community Assembly aims to stimulate debate and discussions around related topics facing our community at the moment.

You are invited to our first Online Community Assembly to discuss:

“What might we, the people who live and work in Chesham (and the Surrounding Villages) do to increase our resilience in the face of a changing climate?”

This community assembly will be led by an experienced facilitator and use small group discussions feeding into a communal document. Whilst participants will be guided on the topics (e.g. transport, food, waste etc.), they are free to choose the agenda around the question, discussing their priorities.  At the end of the process there will be a facilitated feedback session, where we will amalgamate views and identify any next steps e.g. what do we do with our findings.

Join us online on Thursday 3rd December from 7-9.30pm to be a part of this conversation.

We have 100 spaces available and hope to fill as many as possible.

There is no booking system, sign in just before 7pm. Use of laptop recommended

Use Zoom ID 875 8094 1666, Password  865946

 We really hope you can join us for what we hope to be an exciting and stimulating discussion!

What are our aims?

Our main aims are to;

  • Start (or widen and connect) the conversation around this topic
  • Hear a wide variety of views from the people of Chesham(*)
  • Identify the people of Chesham’s(*)priorities
  • Spark excitement over possible solutions
  • Link into existing initiatives and
  • (Possibly) set up further workshops to explore these solutions in more detail.

Why an assembly on this? 

We are hearing more and more about the climate and ecological emergency and the need for immediate global action. It can leave us feeling powerless and like our actions are negligible in the global scheme of things, but we do have an influence over our local environment.

With the climate undoubtably changing, there is much talk about reducing our emissions, however, we should also be looking at increasing our resilience to the impacts we are likely to face, as a result of this changing climate.

Discussing these topics at a community level, brings together experts in the area and those with an interest in making things work, i.e. the people who live and work in the community.

We might want to see a local energy supply, community growing, installation of natural flood defences, tree planting or something else, but whatever it is, it will be what the community thinks is needed, what the community thinks will work and what the community are prepared to invest time in implementing and maintaining.

Initiative supported by:

Chesham, Chesham and District Natural History Society, Chiltern Peace and Justice Group, Fairtrade Chesham, Chesham in Bloom, XR Chesham