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Sustainable Chesham Zone-9 Cycling Group Update 28/11/2020

  1. We now have 16 members, of whom many are working on various aspects of our objectives, from investigating local school plans to looking at how other areas of the UK are implementing better cycling and walking spaces. For example, it is worth looking at ‘Five Years of Enjoy Waltham Forest’ on YouTube at
  2. It has now been confirmed that our report, map, co-ordinates and hub proposals have been informally received by the Chesham & Villages Community Board and Bucks County Council.
  3. However, it has also been confirmed that cycling in Bucks county has dropped by 35% between 2015 and 2019. This means that we have a mammoth task ahead of us if we are to reverse this trend.
  4. So we are hoping to get support from the Community Board at its meeting in March.
  5. We have also been in discussions with the Chesham Renaissance group in order to get advice about getting our proposals beefed up, if necessary, and into any new plan.
  6. As a consequence of point 5, we are arranging a meeting with Councillor Nick Southworth very soon to see how our proposals might fit into the Neighbourhood plan.
  7. We are keen to get more local cyclists involved with the group, so recently we had our letter published in the yourChesham magazine.
  8. Finally, we are very lucky to have a new co-ordinator; so please welcome Pamela Wignall

Richard Dunn

Ex co-ordinator

Sustainable Chesham Zone-9 Cycling Group


We have 3 aims:
  • Cycling Hub

We believe that a Cycling Hub should be established in the town as soon as possible. To this end, and in view of the urgency, a submission has been made to the Chesham Masterplan on this point, setting out what is required. We have written a cycling hub document.

  • Map of proposed new cycle routes through Chesham

In the map you should be able to see [i] a possible route to the station from the top of Nashleigh Hill [ii] a route up through Lowndes park to the school at the top (thus encouraging more pupils/students/staff, ancillary staff etc. to cycle to the school) [iii] routes that link to the Amersham Road cycle path and Waterside [iv] plus a few other suggestions.

  • .  Local Authority responses

According to the main UK cycling organisation, Cycling UK, “£225m has been made available in England alongside revised statutory guidance for local authorities that makes it clear that local authorities are expected to use their powers to implement temporary measures such as pop up cycle lanes to enable more people to walk and cycle safely.”