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Zone 9 Cycling Project

‘Zone 9 Cycling Group’ has been set up as a sub-group of Sustainable Chesham and consists of local cyclists who see the promotion of cycling and cycling facilities as an essential response to helping Chesham and the surrounding area provide a more sustainable environment.

Following a number of online meetings using Zoom we have now sent our recommendations on cycling to Sustainable Chesham who have presented them to Chesham Town Council for due consideration at their next relevant Committee meeting. We have also sent the report to Buckinghamshire council.

The recent government initiative provides us with a great opportunity to get something substantial implemented urgently.

We have 3 aims:
  • Cycling Hub

We believe that a Cycling Hub should be established in the town as soon as possible. To this end, and in view of the urgency, a submission has been made to the Chesham Masterplan on this point, setting out what is required. We have written a cycling hub document.

  • Map of proposed new cycle routes through Chesham

In the map you should be able to see [i] a possible route to the station from the top of Nashleigh Hill [ii] a route up through Lowndes park to the school at the top (thus encouraging more pupils/students/staff, ancillary staff etc. to cycle to the school) [iii] routes that link to the Amersham Road cycle path and Waterside [iv] plus a few other suggestions.

  • .  Local Authority responses

According to the main UK cycling organisation, Cycling UK, “£225m has been made available in England alongside revised statutory guidance for local authorities that makes it clear that local authorities are expected to use their powers to implement temporary measures such as pop up cycle lanes to enable more people to walk and cycle safely.”