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Plastic Bag Free Chesham

In 2007 four Chesham residents (Julia, Donna, Sally & Alison) got together to try to reduce the mountain of plastic bags being given out by supermarkets … and so Plastic Bag Free Chesham was formed! As a single issue campaign, it was well-received and made a big impact on the Chesham community.

Our local supermarkets, Waitrose and Sainsburys, were very supportive, as were many independent High Street shops who helped us by having ‘bag free tills’ and let us give out leaflets and put up posters.

The following year the issue hit the press and more people realised that single use plastic bags were a problem which was relatively easy to fix, by just bringing your own bags to the shops.

Following that project, Julia set up Transition Town Chesham which then became Sustainable Chesham in 2019.