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Community orchard

Situated at the top of Lowndes Park, the Community Orchard has approximately 50 fruit trees including apple, pear, plum, medlar and cherry.

This project was initiated by Sustainable Chesham to make organic fruit available to local residents to enjoy.

It is also an excellent wildlife habitat and carbon sink, and a beautiful spot to walk and sit in simple contemplation. Over the years we have held events such as apple day and wassailing. We hope that our orchard will revive an interest in growing, and provide a way of sharing knowledge and horticultural skills with future generations.

Planting began with gusto on 17th February 2013 and further plantings were made over the next two winters. The orchard is made up of hereditary varieties that have a historical connection to Buckinghamshire. There is also a mini orchard outside the open-air pool in Waterside with seven trees in the early stages of growth.

All the trees were sponsored by local residents and businesses of Chesham. The orchard is maintained by a team of residents, members of Sustainable Chesham and local experts when needed.

For more information please see Chesham Community Orchard Facebook page