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Woodland Trust tree planting scheme

Chesham's favourite tree neighbour, Dungrove Farm, Chesham

Tree Planting – Update from Matt Funnell – March 2022
– 560 trees successfully planted in the community, now a total of 875 across the two years
– Includes two schools (CGS and Chesham Prep); two allotment sites; the waterside community
Garden; Lowndes Park; and a range of individuals
– Phil passed on thanks to all SC members for their support this year; and will be sending a letter of
thanks to all those that planted trees in the coming week
– Those present thanked Phil (& Matt) on behalf of SC for his efforts co-ordinating deliveries and collections
– Some discussion on role of group in working with Council to prevent trees being taken down in
the local area; or relationship of trees planted vs damage from e.g. recent storms. Richard
recommended Group speak to Ed Barlow at BCC about their tree planting plans.
– Agreed that Group likely to repeat the planting exercise next year.

History of Woodland Trust tree planting scheme:

Sustainable Chesham received their first delivery of 300 trees (approx 60cm whips) from the Woodland Trust in November 2020 which were all planted in the local area. They repeated the application for more trees later in 2021 and successfully allocated all those trees too, in public places, local schools, council land and to individuals to plant in their gardens.

Please contact us If you are interested in taking a tree/some trees later this year (we should get allocated trees again in November).

If you have contacts at schools or other public places please do ask if they would like some.

They will be 60cm whips (so not too big and relatively easy to plant) and whoever takes them will need to plant and maintain them. They need to be planted over November/December 2022 and into January 2023. We do have a contact for advice if needed.

The trees are likely to be the same as last year which were:

Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Rowan, Silver birch, Hazel, Common oak, Dogwood, Wild cherry, Crab Apple, Dog rose

We can’t guarantee everyone will get what they ask for, but hopefully everyone interested will get something.

More trees in Chesham and surrounding villages has to be a good thing.

The list below gives you some idea of what to expect from each specimen when fully grown.

Dog rose  1.5 mtrs in height, pink/white flowers, multi stem with thorns.

Blackthorn  6-7 mtrs in height, white flowers, sloes later in the year.

Dogwood  10 mtrs in height, usually seen as a shrub, with red stems in Winter.

Crab apple  10 mtrs in height, white flowers and small fruits later.

Hazel  10 mtrs in height, nuts produced later in the year.

Hawthorn  15 mtrs in height, white flowers in May.

Rowan  15 metres in height, delicate leaves turning red in Autumn, red berries.

Silver Birch  30 mtrs in height, silvery, small leaves giving dappled shade.

Wild Cherry  30 mtrs in height, fruits produced early in the season.

Common Oak  20-40 mtrs in height.