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Re-wilding project Co op field, Chesham.

Chesham Repair Cafe

Our next Chesham Repair Cafe will be held at The Bagnall Project on Sunday 26th June 2022

We are excited to be gearing up to do some more of this in a few weeks time!
Sunday 26th June is our 6th Repair Cafe of the year and we will hopefully have Sewing (hand & machine); leatherwork; carpentry and electric repairers (for battery powered items).
Lots of tea, coffee, some cakes and chats will also be had!
We hope to see you there from 10am (with last repairs being done from 12.30pm), closing at 1pm.
We hope to see you the next Repair Cafe & if you have any questions please email Emma & Matt or see the facebook page for updates:   click here