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Energy Group

In February 2022 Sustainable Chesham applied to the Bucks Chesham & Villages Community Board for funding to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera, training and initial implementation of Community Energy surveys for householders in Chesham & surrounding villages. We were successful and we will be following this up with a project in the Autumn.

£1,700 bid successful with the Community Board for a thermal imaging camera and training; and
for funding for the first X surveys to raise awareness and generate interest
– Plan to offer thermal imaging service for £20, with a standard report issued
– Encourages local residents to look at where homes are losing heat and to invest in energy saving
measures as appropriate
– Not possible to use until winter (when differential between inside and outside temperatures will
be high enough)
– Additional information is needed on the survey to help direct residents towards grants/support to
make suggested changes
– Paradigm and Sustainable Amersham are interested in utilising the camera as well. TT Marlow
have a camera and it has been well utilised; suggested team get in touch with them for support.
– Alison is in touch with Whitehill Centre about supporting them with thermal imaging (once
camera and training received).

Watch this space for more information, which we will be publishing once the training has taken place and we are ready to conduct the imaging surveys.

This will be part of a wider Energy Group campaign to improve the energy efficiency of our housing stock in Chesham, to help people to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills.

Energy Switch project on hold for now

In July 2021 we set up a survey to assess local appetite and motivations for energy-switching.

We were planning to follow this up with a campaign to encourage people to switch to green energy suppliers via the Big Clean Switch website ( ). Any money raised was to be spent on local sustainable projects.

Sadly due to the current increase in energy prices the best advice at the moment is to stay put and not switch, so we have shelved this project for the time being. We may return to it when the advice on switching changes.