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‘We use about 3 times as much energy today as we did 50 years ago. There is no planet B’ – Mike Berners Lee

Monitor your energy use

You can do this by just looking at your energy bills, but also by taking regular meter readings and recording them monthly. Then you can see month to month what you are using and set targets to reduce your use. You can do this for your electricity and gas if you use both in your home.
Also you can:
Get an OWL energy monitor.
Efergy energy monitor – available to hire from libraries or to buy from Ethical Superstore.

Switch to a green energy supplier

We are running a Community Energy Switch project to encourage everyone to switch to a greener, cleaner energy provider. Find out more here.

Wherever our energy comes from we still need to use less.

We also have articles on Energy Saving on our ‘learn more’ page, including information on how to better insulate your house.
Advice from Energy Saving Trust
Advice from Centre of Sustainable Energy

Calculate your carbon footprint

There are various tools online to help you do this.

A quick and simple one to use is available on the WWF website.

Or on

Get impartial advice on saving energy through solar power, boiler replacement and smart meters from Energy Savings Trust

Be an influencer

If you can influence others to do the same, then instead of just one person doing it, maybe there will be 3 or 5 or 10. Then if they all do the same, think how many people you can reach and how much more of a difference you can make.

Talk to your neighbours, friends and family about saving energy and the other lifestyle changes you are making. It needn’t require any effort!

8 lazy ways to help

Save water. Don’t wash the dishes.
Help bees. Don’t mow the lawn.
Stop plastic waste. Don’t be a sucker.
Tackle climate change. Chew less.
Burn less fuel. Let your food do the leg work.
Plant trees.
Clean the air.
Support clean energy.