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“Climate change is a huge and complex issue and, as individuals, we can feel helpless. But there is something we can do – and that’s planting trees.”
The Woodland Trust

What’s the problem?

Trees are only part of the solution as other changes are needed to reduce global CO2 emissions. An effective response lies in the hands of world politicians but we do need to plant more trees, quickly.

To help reach the UK government’s 2050 target to become carbon net zero – that’s removing as much carbon as we’re producing – we need more trees. We need to increase the UK’s woodland cover from its pitiful 13% to at least 17%.
[Source: The Woodland Trust website 2020]

Keeping Bucks leafy

The Chilterns has beautiful countryside benefitting our health and wellbeing. This and the need to combat the effects of climate change give us the perfect reasons to plant more trees and hedges.

Why trees and hedges, and why now? Because they are an extremely effective way of capturing and storing the harmful carbons from fossil-fuelled vehicles. Any specimens planted now will take 5–10 years to mature enough to make a difference to our environment.

Re-wilding project

A feasibility study is currently being carried out on Co-op field in Chesham to see how we can improve its biodiversity – find out more here.





What can I do?

The Community Orchard in Lowndes Park  is now literally starting to bear fruit. The Communi-Tree Project has begun work repopulating kerb sides along major routes through Chesham, and Waterside School have planted the first 200 trees in a scheme aiming to plant over a thousand.

We are looking to promote the planting of trees and hedges in schools, verges, front gardens and spaces that bound roads. We can provide grants, help in sourcing plants, people power and experience for projects large and small. So, if you have a project or an idea, please contact us.

The Chiltern Society – sponsor a tree

Woodland Trust – free trees for schools and communities

Chesham Environmental Group – community group welcoming people of all ages and abilities

Friends of Lowndes Park –voluntary group formed to protect and improve Chesham’s park