Report from Zone 9 Cycling Group – 7th July 2020

Chesham Community Assembly No 1

First Community Assembly in Chesham – Done!

“What might we do in Chesham to build our resilience in the face of a changing climate?”

The results of the first assembly are in!

What a great session! We had people from all sorts of groups attending, this included a wide age demographic and also a small representation of some minority groups. We will be working to get a more accurate representation of our local demographic for future assemblies.

Yes, future assemblies! All those who attended agreed it was a good way to come together as a community to discuss local issues around the climate and ecological emergency. The general consensus was that the next assembly should have a solution focused remit.

The main themes that people wanted to address included;

  • How local community groups could come together to effect change
  • Water (supply, demand, flooding, pollution)
  • Transport and air quality
  • Wildlife
  • Buildings
  • Community food growing

You can see the unedited comments from the groups here:

You can see summaries from each group here:

You can see feedback from those who attended here Note: Score 1 = ‘Strongly Disagree’, Score 5 = ‘Strongly Agree’:

In the next few weeks we will be working on a series of assemblies for 2021 to discuss these topics.

Watch this space for more information! Please join us, we would love to hear your views.